Dear Travellers and Operators

Eight or fifteen days in Turkey will give you a whole new perspective on life; recharge your batteries; let your body and mind truly relax and it is very affordable. Whilst relaxing you will be open to change and the beginnings of wisdom are said to come from the Orient. Whether you travel alone, with friends, on an adult or family programme you will be part of a group of minimum five and maximum fifteen other like-minded people: a group size which we know from experience works extremely well.

The Mediterranean region of Turkey offers a sun-filled coast to be explored by gulet: from creek to creek and beach to beach. Inland, the mountains are crossed by little-known paths giving opportunities for walks with fabulous views. Gulets and walking paths: a good combination and one in which you can take part.

Our walks, led by an experienced English-speaking guide, cover the whole of Turkey. Your mind will, inevitably, be exercised as much as your legs when you walk through ancient sites in Anatolia: from prehistoric through Hittite and Phrygian to later Greek and Roman remains then, finally, vestiges from the empires of Byzantium and the Ottomans.

Byzantium, Constantinople, Istanbul (which you will visit in the company of a knowledgeable cultural guide) will amaze you and you may wish to then come with us to Troy (of which Homer wrote in the Iliad telling the story of events that took place 3250 years ago); and on to Ephesus (the ancient Roman capital of Asia); to Pryene, Didyma and Miletus; to Xanthos ( where, according to Greek mythology, Apollo and Artemis were first worshipped); to Heraclion on the shores of Lake Bafa; to the remains of cities of ancient Lycia; to Olympos where we will see the mythical Chimera; to the wild valleys and craters of the Taurus Mountains following in the footsteps of many ancient conquerors. You will walk through the history and its visible remains guaranteeing you take home many precious memories.

And then there is the landscape: so different and so easy on the eye and the feet. The Black Sea so blue! The Bosphorus and the Golden Horn. The Dardanelles which connects the Sea of Marmara to the Aegean, which itself later becomes the Mediterranean. You will get an idea of the many countries with which Turkey shares borders: Syria, Iraq, Iran, Armenia, Georgia, Greece and Bulgaria! Fabulous Turkey where you can travel with all your senses and understand the country from on high (if you are fit you can even reach 5137m. on the summit of Mount Ararat !)

Another enchanting place we would suggest you visit lies in the centre of the country: Cappadocia ,It is a labyrinth of stone, comprised of thousands of fairy chimneys the result of 70 million years of erosion, some of which have been inhabited for the past 2000 years and are decorated with thousand-year-old frescoes you will be truly amazed. This area of exceptional natural and historical beauty is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and there are still little-known corners, secret places where crowds are never seen: follow us as a small group of visitors on foot and you shall see!

If you want to trek, walking as sport at high altitude, staying in tents; we will take you to the craters and high summits of the Kachkar Mountains, close to the Black Sea, or the Taurus Mountains, near to the Mediterranean. And why not add on a more gentle visit to the Orient, before or after your trek, by visiting Istanbul, or staying on the coast!

We can guide you throughout your stay: it is our country, we have been travelling here for many years. We have accompanied the Yoruks, traditional nomads whom you can spend an evening with, sitting by their fire in the high pastures where they have taken their flocks for the summer. You will see women weaving carpets and find out exactly who the Turks are and how they live: something that most Europeans have not experienced.

You can see all of these things as part of a walking holiday we concentrate on ensuring you stay in comfortable hotels, with high quality accommodation and good food, and we pay particular attention to your personal safety.

From Turkey we would recommend a short sea journey to the little-known area of Northern Cyprus where we also provide guided tours. Here you can creep up on the wild donkeys in the Karpaz Peninsula, an amazing sight! We have found for you the most isolated, beautiful beaches on the island and quiet walks along unused paths. You will visit Salamis, near Famagusta, Kyrenia (Girne) and Bellapaix, Soli surrounded by orange groves and Nicosia. You will see local people who you will enjoy getting to know.

We look forward to meeting you.


Founder and Director




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